Our Green Energy Division sets up conversion plants that can convert almost any feedstock into fuel or electricity, whatever the desired output maybe required.

Using Brown Coal, MSW, Wood chips, Peat moss, Sewage wastes for feed stock as a primary source to produce liquid Synthetic Fuel/Electricity, in an environmentally friendly, closed, carbon neutral, self-sustaining process through a joint patented technology giving a yeild of approximately 4 tons input to 1 ton output of fuel or 3 mwh output on electricity with ideal feedstock specifications. The plants are modular and can be scaled up as required.

5 Plants are currently in operation with the above yeilds with expansion plans in various other regions in the world.

Our Tar Sands Technology:

Currently companies are using pyrolysis to extract the oil from tar sands. This process is not efficient to tar sands and expensive.

Our technology is highly efficient as we use a total different method to separate the oil from the sands using our patented technology based on a 3 step process.

This has no environmental impact and is significantly cheaper than any conventional method being used on the market.


Some Approximate Numbers on the plant:

Extracting/Separating 100 Tons of Oil Sands an hour will yield us approximately 30 Tons of heavy Oil or 210 barrels an hour or about 5000 BPD – barrels per day.